ZOF Africa supports underprivileged students and entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe

Educating & equipping a
new generation of entrepreneurs 


ZOF Africa’s mission is to support the inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development in Zimbabwe by:

  • Providing scholarships to underprivileged youths to pursue higher education or vocational training; and

  • Supporting young entrepreneurs with mentoring and facilitation services to start and grow their businesses


ZOF Africa is a charitable organisation made up entirely of volunteers to ensure that donations are channeled directly towards supporting talented youths in Zimbabwe.

Our US branch is a registered 501(c)3 incorporated in 2009 in New York with the legal name Zimbabwe Orphans Fund and tax ID 27-1232970.

We are currently setting up ZOF Africa (UK) and filing for tax-exemption status under a Charitable Incorporated Organisation structure.

Our vision is to see every Zimbabwean prosper professionally and become a driver of socio-economic growth for Zimbabwe.


We see education & entrepreneurship as two critical pillars for this growth:

  • Educating the vast number of talented yet underprivileged Zimbabweans will be one of the greatest investments into their future, in turn contributing to an educated and higher-earning workforce

  • The launch of successful businesses will catalyse employment opportunities in an economy where less than 10% of the workforce is formally employed


Sponsor and/or mentor a talented youth seeking to acquire an education


Fund and/or mentor a young entrepreneur to build a successful business for Zimbabwe

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Email: info@zofafrica.org

Full legal name: Zimbabwe Orphans Fund

Tax ID: 27-1232970

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