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Emerald Hill Children's Home is a children's home in Harare, Zimbabwe caring for over 100 vulnerable children under the age of 18. ZOF Africa funds vocational and higher education for the young women leaving Emerald Hill, many for the first time, to pursue their dreams.

ZOF supports 15+ youths at the home to pursue their longterm career ambitions


The Emerald Hill Orphanage Foundation is ZOF Africa's sister organization in the Netherlands. It supports children living at Emerald Hill Children's Home and is run entirely by volunteers.

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St Joseph's House for Boys 18+ is a "halfway house" in Harare for youths who are 18 and older leaving their affiliated children's home. We partner with the Halfway house to support the boys in completing their studies and entering the workforce. 

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Precision Aerial Group is a leading group of companies based in Zimbabwe focused on Drone Technology, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Within this group, Zimbabwe Flying Labs (a franchise of Flying Labs Network) promotes drone and robotics solutions to solve local challenges.

ZOF has partnered with these organisations to run workshops on the the ground for youths from disadvantaged backgrounds in Zimbabwe.