Drone Technology & Robotic

We have partnered with Precision Aerial and Flying Labs Zimbabwe to run workshops that introduce underprivileged youths to drone piloting and engineering. This is of high relevance as a shortage of drone pilots across industries in the upcoming years is expected. Drones can also contribute to increasing social and economic wellbeing especially in Zimbabwe and Africa: for example, providing food and medical care in rural areas more efficiently or preventing Malaria infections by spraying repellant. 


To have the capacity to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, it is essential for youths to be well educated in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths). In its beginner drone training, Precision Aerial uses drones as a tool to introduce young learners to the STEM world: Students improve their computer literacy and learn the importance of data. Besides, they enhance their problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking as well as teamwork and story-telling capacity. These skills can empower students to become leaders and entrepreneurs in the digital economy of the future.

Please click here to download our funding report of the latest drone training.

Career counseling, CV building, and business plan writing 


​ZOF Africa volunteers runs two workshops for 15-20 year olds living at St. Joseph’s House for Boys and Emerald Hill Children’s Home.

  1. Career Counselling & CV workshop: here mentors help students develop their career aspirations, advise them on gaining relevant experience to achieve their aspirations, and teach them to write their CVs.

  2. Business Plan workshop, the boys and girls brainstorm on different business ideas fit for the Zimbabwean economy, and subsequently write a business plan around their ideas. ZOF volunteers give their time for these activities, so they are at no cost to donors.

Computer literacy

We have sponsored computer literacy classes and certificates for 150  underprivileged adolescents in Zimbabwe. The certificates are for an International Computer Driver License* (ICDL/ECDL) for students to enhance their job prospects. 


Interviews with students who have passed the ICDL at Emerald Hill Children's Home  revealed a number of benefits associated with the certificate, including: 


  • The students have developed a tangible skill that is useful in almost every job sector in Zimbabwe and abroad

  • The difficulty of the exam has empowered most of the students to work harder at school. In some cases, students felt confident enough     to re-take exams they had previously failed (such as O-levels).

  • Having never handled a computer in their lives, most of the students were introduced to a new field of study and became interested in   pursuing studies or jobs relating to computer science.

Students during a lesson.jpg