ZOF donates used laptops to students from low-income backgrounds; and sponsors software & coding classes

Donating used laptops to bright students

In 2021 we sent 16 laptops to students who grew up in children's homes Emerald Hill and St Joseph. This allows youths to teach themselves new skills, search for jobs, conduct research and write papers for school, and many other benefits. In 2022 we will be pairing these donations with courses on software and coding. 

Please consider donating your used laptops to ZOF if you are in the UK or Europe. For more information contact and 

Coding & software education

We have sponsored computer literacy classes and certificates for 150  underprivileged adolescents in Zimbabwe. The certificates are for an International Computer Driver License* (ICDL/ECDL) for students to enhance their job prospects. 


Interviews with students who have passed the ICDL at Emerald Hill Children's Home  revealed a number of benefits associated with the certificate, including: 


  • The students have developed a tangible skill that is useful in almost every job sector in Zimbabwe and abroad

  • The difficulty of the exam has empowered most of the students to work harder at school. In some cases, students felt confident enough     to re-take exams they had previously failed (such as O-levels).

  • Having never handled a computer in their lives, most of the students were introduced to a new field of study and became interested in   pursuing studies or jobs relating to computer science.

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