Funding higher and vocational education for talented disadvantage youths in Zimbabwe

Our mission is to educate and empower Zimbabwe's next generation.

We do so by providing scholarships to disadvantaged youths to pursue their higher and vocational education inside or outside Zimbabwe.

We primarily fund scholarships for seniors (18 years+) leaving Emerald Hill Children's Home and St. Joseph's Home for Boys to pursue degrees. These are two children's homes in Harare, Zimbabwe, who graduate youths at the age of 18. These youths often have little, if any, family support, but they dream big. Help them pave a promising future by sponsoring a scholarship.

ZOF was founded in 2009 and is run entirely by volunteers. To date, we have funded over 30 girls to attend vocational school and 150 disadvantaged children to attend computer literacy courses since 2009. 

ZOF Africa offers tax exemption in the USA and in the Netherlands via its sister organization The Emerald Hill Orphanage Foundation

Vocational courses at Harare Polytechnic funded by ZOF Africa
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Full legal name: Zimbabwe Orphans Fund

Tax ID: 27-1232970

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