Nurturing Zimbabwe's next generation of entrepreneurs

ZOF Africa is a charitable organisation made up entirely of volunteers to ensure that donations are channeled directly towards supporting talented youths in Zimbabwe.

Our US branch is a registered 501(c)3 incorporated in 2009 in New York with the legal name Zimbabwe Orphans Fund and tax ID 27-1232970.

Our UK branch is a registered charity incorporated in 2021 with the legal name ZOF Africa and Registered Charity Number 1196885



During a trip to Zimbabwe in 2009 to visit her family, Georgina visited two homes caring for underprivileged children and adolescents:

  • Emerald Hill Children’s Home – a children's home caring for over 100 girls and boys aged 3 to 18 and supporting youths throughout their tertiary studies – and

  • Its brother home St Joseph’s House for Boys

Georgina's family had been supporting these institutions for over 5 decades. Upon her return to New York City she co-founded ZOF Africa to provide much-needed additional support for the youths in these homes. Her co-founders included Caroline J., Olivia S., Natalie P., Katie K., Jens R., Maddie R., John B. and Lauren G.

As the volunteers at ZOF got to know the youths living at these homes, they realised the enormous untapped potential of so many.

From 2013 to 2020, ZOF Africa primarily supported talented and underprivileged youths (16-24) via scholarships for vocational training at established vocational schools in Zimbabwe (see report here). 

In 2021, ZOF successfully registered for charitable status in the UK and expanded its team of volunteers and corporate partners.


Today, we focus primarily on bringing digital and entrepeneurship skills to underprivileged youths in Zimbabwe with the ultimate aim to "graduate" a new generation of tech entrepeneurs with the tools and ambition to leapfrog their county's development.


  • Donating 15 computers in 2021 to St Joseph's Halfway House and Emerald Hill Children's Home

  • Funding drone flying & engineering workshops for 21 youths who grew up in children's homes (girls and boys)

  • Funding computer literacy classes for 150 disadvantaged students

  • Funding the International Computer Driver License (ICDL/ECDL) certificate for an additional 34 high performing students to enhance their job prospects

  • Providing vocational education scholarships to 36 youths leaving Emerald Hill Children’s Home and St Joseph’s House for Boys. Over 90% of the beneficiaries are women

  • Funding a drone flying & engineering workshop for 10 boys at St Joseph's 18+

  • Organising a Careers Day in Harare in partnership with St Joseph House for Boys to inspire and advise over 100 youths on their career prospects

  • For a more comprehensive overview of our programmes please visit our PROGRAMMES pages